Reining Canada 


  • You are automatically a member of Reining Canada if you hold a current NRHA Membership.  You will be a voting member and eligible for the Reining Canada Awards Program

  • The PGRHA is fortunate to have Pam Morrison on the Reining Canada Board as an appointed Reining Canada Director at Large.  Any questions about Reining Canada can be directed to Pam by emailing her at

  • The following programs are ​available through Reining Canada
  • 1.  Eastern and Western Canada Scholarship Program
  • 2.  NRHA Affiliate Finals Hosting Grant
  • 3.  Eastern and Western Affiliate Finals Championship Series
  • 4.  Reining Canada NAAC Top Ten Cash Award
  • 5.  Representative Funding 
  • 6.  Reining Canada Reiner of the Year
  • 7.  FG Reining Collection Incentive
  • 8.  Marks Reining Canada Discount

  • For more information on Reining Canada, please visit their website at​
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